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Top 9 reason to trek tour in Nepal

Top 9 reason to trek tour in Nepal

Published Date :08 Aug, 2019

Top 9 reason to trek tour in Nepal

1. Appropriate for adventure lovers

Nepal is rich in natural beauty. Which god has Create in his own way? As well as we can say god gifted to us. Trek in Nepal is good for those who loves and like adventure things. Nepal is a best palace for almost all kind of outdoor adventure activities like rock climbing, Canoeing, peak climbing, bungee jump, rafting, cannoning jungle safari.Trekking has been the unique product of Nepal since a long time and still preferred by Adventures seekers coming from different part of the world. Trekking in the area of Himalayas Nepal one’s life time opportunity to experience and observe the culture facts and the beauty of nature.

2. Wealthy in natural

There are so many graceful countries in the world among them Nepal is one of them. Nepal is a peaceful and naturally beautiful country which is located in the middle of India and China. Nepal is reach in natural beauty. Which god has created? Nepal is second richest country in water resources. There are so many beautiful places in Nepal which is very popular in the whole world. Nepal is country of highly diverse and rich in geography culture, religions as well as in political. The highest peak in the world lies in Nepal. The slow Himalayan glaciers , the pristine lakes and waterfalls and the verdant forests that cover the land . Nepal’s natural makes amazed to the people who came to visit in Nepal. Nepal is like heaven, there so many place to surprise tourist.`

3. Cultural and tradition

Nepal has categories into two main religions, Hinduism and Buddhism . However ,the people who follow Hindu religion are more in population .Gautam Buddha is the founder of Buddhism. who was born in lumbini at Dhanusa district. There are so many religion which are follow by Nepalese people like Christianity Islam and kirat. People follows this different kind of religions. people of every religion can celebrate their own festivals according to their cultural and tradition. Hindu people specially celebrate their main festivals like Dashain, Tihar , teej chhat and others likewise Buddhism also celebrate their main festive loshar. Like this other religions people also celebrate their festive in their own way.

4. Religious and natural sites

Nepal being a multilingual country, there are more than hundred thousands of temples and monasteries. Some major temples are pashupatinath temple, The largest of god shiva in Kathmandu. Among them other Hindu pilgrimage sites like swargadwari ,lake Gosaikunda , the temple of devghat which is located in Tanahun District. Manakamana temple also which is situated at Ghorkha district and also Nepal is the birth place of lord Buddha, founder of the Buddhism. Buddhism is the largest minority religion in Nepal. Lumbini is an important pilgrimage sites. Another famous Buddhist site is Baudhhanath and Swayambhunath also known as monkey temple which is situated at Katmandu city.

Nepal top 10 world heritage sites, where visitors can visit with the religious purpose. They are follows as;

1. Kathamandu [The capital city of Nepal]
2. Pashupatinath temple
3. Swyambhunath
4 . Bouddhanath
5 . Bhaktapur Darbar Square
6. Patan durbar square
7.  Manakamana
8. Lumbini (birth place of Lord Buddha)
9. Changu Narayan
10. Chitwan and Everest national park

5. Wonderful viewpoints

Nepal is spectacularly beautiful country in the world that is best known as for its magnificent panoramic mountain views. The world highest peak mount Everest height is 8848m.Nepal is most popular trekking place in the world. There are many places in Nepal to see their wonderful viewpoints.
1.Mount Everest[8848m]
2.Lumbini [Birth place of lord Buddha]
3.Pokhara city
4.Chitwan national park
5.Kathmandu city.
6.Gokyo lakes

These viewpoints are considered to present panoramic view of the mountains with its Neighbouring peaks

6 . The friendly local’s environment and safety of Nepal

It’s approximately talk about Nepal that you come for the mountains but you remember the local people. Everywhere you walk you they gives you a warm welcome with little bit smile in their face by saying ‘NAMASTE’ they gives you a friendly environment hospitality that you will be always remembered .Even though foreign trekkers are common sight in most parts of Nepal .The Nepali people are always feels happy to see you.

7. You can stay in comfortable accommodation

Nepal is known by its excellent trekking infrastructures, and its comfortable lodgings and home stays, and also known as by ‘teahouses’.Different in many others mountain area of the world where trekking is an choice, In Nepal you don’t have to makeshift bivouacs. Among them many of the trekking routes in Nepal are teahouses that provided a warm hospitality and accommodation.

8. You can eat the great food along in the way

You can forget all about few minutes Ramen noodles and tinned beans on repeat , as most trek in Nepal don’t requires camping. If you will go teahouse trekking, the chances are you will be eating as well as you do in Kathmandu or Pokhara Steam fried dumplings, Thukpa (the noodles soup). Nepali plate consisting of rice and vegetables as well as mostly known as dalbhat tarkari, banana pancakes even pizza apple pies and cakes etc.

9. Safety and peaceful environment

Nepal is a peaceful country where our Light of Asia Lord Gautama Buddha was born in Nepal.  You can find the most peaceful places like, Pokhara, Nagarkot, lumbini, Ilam, Tansen Palpa and so many. While visiting some places you extremely find a peaceful environment that makes you fresh and relaxed. And the safety of the places where you visited you will find their local peoples are so loyal to and tell you the right direction they will help you to take in your destination. The local people being so loyal to you.  And they obviously help you when you’re in difficulties.