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Restricted Area Trekking

There are two types of trekking areas in Nepal. One is fully opened and the other is restricted areas.

Fully opened trekking areas are the ones that are open for trekking to any number and all trekkers without the need to take a special permit. On the other hand restricted areas, often controlled areas, are those where only a few trekkers in organized groups are allowed to trek every year only after getting a special permit for trekking.

Hence if you want to trek restricted areas, you will have to get a special permit from the government of Nepal and travel in a group as opposed to trekking individually. This entails that interested trekkers will have to pay extra government charges to get the special trekking permit before entering the area.

The concept of restricted areas has been practiced by the government to discourage mass tourism in the area to reduce the negative impact of tourism on pristine environment and unique cultural heritages.

We will have to carry all the equipment for cooking and camping while traveling in the restricted areas since such regions will have no lodge and guesthouse facilities.

Restricted Area Trekking Packages

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