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Best Himalayan tour in Nepal, upper Mustang trekking

Best Himalayan tour in Nepal, upper Mustang trekking

Published Date :09 Jan, 2019

Best Himalayan tour in upper Mustang 

Mustang is one of the wonderful famous trekking destinations of Nepal which is located in the western development region of Nepal standing at an elevation of about 3840m. Mustang has two names where “Mustang” itself is named from Nepal and “montang” is named from Tibetan. Mustang occupies an area 3573km. mustang stands in the Himalayan range of Nepal and extends northward towards the Tibetan plateau where lies the former Lo Kingdom of Nepal. This beautiful district “Mustang” has been divided into two parts upper Mustang and lower Mustang.
Upper Mustang offers poplar adventurous trekking destination like Lo- Monthang trek, chance to explore the thousands years of old monasteries which are the same ages of Lhasa palace of Tibet , caves, scenic beauty of sloppy drylands, steep rocky trails and stunning panoramic view of Nilgiri, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri whereas the lower Mustang offers a trekking route for Annapurna circuit, adventurous sports activities like rock climbing, cycling and visit to Muktinath Temple which is the holy pilgrimage sites where thousands of peoples come over and over a year.

Mustang also gives you the chance to observe ancient culture like polyandry and polygamy where polygamy refers to which a woman takes two or more husband at the same time and whereas the polyandry refers to a male who takes two or more than two husbands. Mustang is also unique in its burial rituals where they follow their Tibetan horoscope whether it has shown to bury the dead body or feed the body to a vulture or burn the body or flow the body in the river. This district is also famous for trade, vegetation and animal husbandry. The lower land of this district offers a traditional service from Gurungs and Thakali in Jomsom.
Mustang monasteries are not only for worship but it is also for the celebration like Teji festival in Lo- Monthang which is the festival celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil or for the prayer of world peace. Normally this festival falls on the 27 and 29 of the third month of Tibetan calendar; this is in late April or early May. Yartung is another festival that is horse racing festival especially occurs in Muktinath and falls in August every year. Toren lha is the festival of Thakali which means a New Year festival of their calendar. Loshar is another observation festival of Mustang which is celebrated by Tibetans peoples of mustang where Lo means “year” and shar means “new.