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Traffic Jam' at Everest

Traffic Jam' at Everest

Published Date :17 May, 2019

1 Jestha (15 May ), Kathmandu (returning from the base camp). on reaching the Sagarmatha base camp on Saturday, almost a kilometer of yellow tent appeared. As the air is moving rapidly, members of the Expedition team barely will come out of the tent.

Most of them have been waiting for a climbing season for a long time at the base camp for at least a month. Sherpa's team was climbing and fixing the way up to camp 4. The Sherpas, who returned back to base camp, was hearing a clue that could begin ascent within a two days.

On the other hand, on 8th of March, eight Sherpa returned from the peak of Sagaramatha. They had been on the road for fixing rope and ladders for other climbers. As the team of eight is back, it has opened the spring route. They also told that the weather is quite good this time.

In the history of the 66-years after the first ascent to Everest, for the first time there were so many climbers in this Everest region ever reported  . The official statistics of the government also say the According to data provided by the Tourism Department on Tuesday, 379 people from 42 different countries have taken permission for climbing Everest in this spring. Lots of other paeak climbers also use the same path up to Camp Four. By the evening of Tuesdays 18 people has took permission to climb Lhotse.
God know how many of them will be successful in their expedition.

Prubha Sherpa stated that not only the climbers climbing Everest, Lhotse, Nupse but the  climbers who are intended to climb Pumori and Amadabalam  also stay in this area that is what makes it more congested .

The officials who do not want to give formal feedback, said that the greed of earning more revenue, which can change the trend of climbing and can harm the Everest in many different ways..

Many employees of Tourism Department are currently in the base camp. After the Mega Earthquake and the Khumbhu icefall avalanche killed so many people all the  expedition of that year had stopped and there were slow increment after it started again . But in this year the numbers of climbers has increased dramatically. As every climber should hire 1 Sherpa in there expedition but the VIP’s were talking 2-3 Sherpas with them to make their trip more easier and efficient. For one and two months, the food and cooking materials and the other handlers are living in the base camp. After increasing criticism of overthrowing of waste in the past, the sanitation at the base camp has been controlled. The emission of waste in the camp is systematically collected through a helicopter. Despite the need for sanitation in the base camp, if there is no scientific solution in the direction of blocking uncontrolled mobilization, the rising pressure can  be considered in the crisis in Everest.