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Trekking Permits

Nepal has categorized trekking into distinct areas: Normal or conventional trekking area and Restricted Area.
Normal trekking areas such as Everest, Langtang and Annapurna region are waived of any trekking permits. This means that trekkers are not required to get any trekking permits while visiting this area.

However there are restricted areas in the Himalayas such as Dolpa, Upper Mustang. According to Nepal government regulations, travelling in these areas require special trekking permits. The rate of these permits varies from region to region. Also these trekking regions will allow no individual trekkers. Trekkers are required to travel in organized groups and come through legal trekking agencies. 

Below we have furnished infor on the restricted areas and their corresponding permit fees:

Trekker in Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpo Region
US$ 500 or equivalent foreign currency per person for first 10 days. For trip extensions, the extra fee per extra day fee US$ 50 or equivalent foreign currency.
Trekking in Manaslu region
US $ 70 per person for a week and US $ 10 per person for each extra day during September to November. However, only US $ 50 is charged per trekker per week from December to August and additional US $ 7 per trekker per each extra day.
Humla (Simikot-Yari)
Equivalent to US $ 50 per person per week and US $ 7 per person per extra day.
Kanchanjunga, Lower Dolpa, Gaurishankar and Lamabagar
Equivalent to US$ 10 per person per week for the first four weeks and US$ 20 per week thereafter.
Nar Phu
Equivalent to US$ 95 per person per week and US $ 10 per person per extra day.

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