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Travel Insurance in Nepal

There are many travel insurance companies that offer insurance package to tourists. If you haven't got one in your country, you can easily get one in Nepal. However, we recommend that you get insured in your home country.

We also suggest you that a normal travel insurance covering medical, accident, cancellation is quite alright. But if you are travelling to high altitude regions, it would be best to insured for rescue and evacuation operation. In emergency situation like natural calamities, you will be in need of immediate rescue/evacuation usually by helicopter.

Not all countries are safe in the world. Having said that, Nepal is perhaps the safest country in the world. For instance, during the 10 years Maoist insurgency, tourism continued without any disruption. In fact not a single tourists was harmed or injured physically.

The risks of travelling to Nepal is more related with natural calamities than any other. Landslides, floods, risky trails, snow storm, high altitude sickness are some of the natural risks that trekkers and tourists in general face during travelling in Nepal.

These risks can be mitigated by following simple guidelines. Besides in case of emergency Nepal has all the facilities like helicopter rescue available.
Nowadays travel insurance is mandatory for all travelers coming to Nepal. We advise you to get a comprehensive travel insurance covering medical, accidents as well as helicopter rescue and evacuation.

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