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Language, Culture and traditions

Nepali is the national language of Nepal spoken and used in administration. However, Nepal has over 100 ethnic groups and each of these groups have their own spoke language. There are communities who do not understand and speak Nepali well.
In urban areas like Kathmandu and Pokhara, educated youngsters often speak and write in English.
Most of our guides are well versed in Chinese, French, Japanese, German, Spanish and others.



Nepal has rich cultural history Because of Nepal’s vast diversity in altitude  as well as fact being sandwiched between both India and China t hat has reflected the way in which we live the lives in our unique culture.

Many of ethnic groups have their own dramatic culture, language and even dialects. 
Although some customs have merely been converted to habits without thought, ancient texts justify them with far-fetched reasons, sometimes making sense and sometimes not.

Most of these customs go back to the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Among them, the rules of marriage are particularly interesting. In traditional families marriage deals are arranged by parents after the boy or girl come of age. Child marriage, Polandry and polygamy that were once upheld and accepted with glee are not allowed by the law anymore.

During menstruation women are considered impure and hence, are kept in isolation until their fourth day purification bath.

Nepal is a patriarchal society. Men usually go out to work while women are staying at home.

Most Nepalis follow the caste system in living habits and marriage. Rural Nepal is mostly agrarian

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