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Nepal Weather

Nepal basically has four seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Autumn and Spring seasons are the best season since the weather is calm and balmy. It is not hot neither is it too cold. It is also a season when skies are clear and the views of snow capped Himalayas are brilliant. Moreover, the hills, valleys and the Himalayas come alive with green leaves and colorful flowers. The temperature varies between 15-25 degree Celsius.
Summer is the monsoon season for Nepal. It is during this period that Nepal receives much of the rainfall of the year. However, rain shadow region such as Upper Mustang and Dolpo do not receive any rainfall. Therefore for trekkers this is the best to visit the trans Himalayan region. The temperature during this season ranges from 25 to 35 degree Celsius. 

During Winter season temperature in the Himalayan region may drop below 5 degree Celsius. Snowfalls are a regular occurrence in this period. However in the hills, valleys and Terai the temperature remains close to about 20 degree Celsius on average.

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